• The symbol of Shinto. Attributed to all Shinto deities incuding Kamimusuhi.Affiliation: Shinto
  • Deity of: Fertility. Motherhood. Healing. Royal Clan.
  • Family: –


Kamimusuhi (神産巣日神) aka Kamumusubimioya was the third of the first three beings to come into existence when heaven and earth formed. He along with the other two deities (Amenominakanushi and Takamimusuhi), remained apart and concealed themselves from everything. She is the Spirit of fertility, motherhood and healing, as well as being one of the eight tutelary spirits of the Royal Clan. This is all related in the Kojiki. Fudoki list several shrines to him in Izumo Province, with the Kogo Shūi and Shinsen shōjiroku listing many clans decended from this deity.1

One version of the Nihongi states the spirit came into existence after Kuninosatsuchi and Kunitokotachi appeared together, and after Amenominakanushi and Takamimusuhi.2

After the death of Ōgetsuhime in the Kojiki, this Spirit gathers up the food which springs from her corpse so that he may plant it and it may flourish.1


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