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    • Period: Legendary Period
    • Occupation: –
    • Family: –
    • Birth: –
    • Death: –


Yata was a member of the Kumaso Clan/Tsuchigumo which dwelt on the island of Tsukushi and we see him mentioned in the nihongi during the reign of Emperor Keikō.

A female Chieftain called Hayatsuhime reveals to the Emperor that there are Tsuchigumo by the names of Awo and Shira living in the ‘Rat’s Cave,’ with another three called Uchizaru, Yata and Kunimaro living in Negino.

The Emperor turns his attention to Yata after being forced into a retreat from a battle against Uchizaru where he used fire arrows against the Imperial troops.

Yata was quickly defeated.1


1. Aston. W.G. (1896) “Nihongi Volume 1: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to AD697”. Tuttle Publishing.

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