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Yamato Takeru defeating the Kumaso Leader.
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The Kumaso Tribe (熊襲) was a tribe of men that lived on the island of Tsukushi.

They fought against the Imperial rule of Japan often rebelling at times against them and had to subdugated many times.

Many events surroung their subdugation occur during the reign of Emperor Keikō.

Kumaso Rebellions

For more information see: Kumaso Rebellions

The first mentioning of a rebelling occours in the reign of Emperor Keikō where he himself ventures to Tsukushi to deal with the problem.

Sending his three Ministers Takemorogi, Unade and Natsubana they meet Kamunashihime who gives us the names of those causing problems. There names being Hanatari, Mimitari, Asahagi and Tsuchiworiwiwori all encamped in various places.

Eventually they are all defeated through varuous means.2

The most famous event around their subdugation is from when Yamato Takeru was sent to subjugate the Kumaso. Tradition says the Clan was led by two powerful brothers.1 The nihongi states there was only one leader.2

They ask Yamato (disguised as a woman) to join their feast and sit between them. During the feast Yamato stabs the elder brother, chasing the younger down and stabbing him in the buttocks. As he dies he gives him the name of Yamato-Takeru.1

Kumaso Tribe Members


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