Takeuchi no Sukune

Takeuchi no Sukune
Takeuchi no Sukune by Kikuchi Yosai.

Takeuchi no Sukune

Takeuchi no Sukune (武内宿禰) was the son of Yamashitakage and Hikofutooshimakoto according to the kojiki.12 The nihongi states that Hikofutooshimakoto was instead his grandfather with his parents being Yanushioshihodakewogoro and Kagehime.3

He is listed as having had nine children, these being Hatanoyashiro, Kosenookara, Soga no Ishikawa, Hegurinotsuki, Kinotsunu, Mato of Kume, Princess Nunoiro, Kadzurakinonagayenosotsubiko and Wakugo.12

We see him mentioned during the reign of Emperor Seimu where it says he was born on the same day as the Emperor which is why the Emperor held a lot of affection for him.34

In the 3rd year of Seimu’s reign he gave Takeuchi the title of Ōomi (大臣)45 a position he would hold through five reigns.4

The kojiki says he was given the title to oversee the Ōkuniōkuni no kuni no miyatsuko (Rulers of the Great Countries and Small Countries) and Ōagata ōagata no agata nushi (Department Lords of the Great and Small Departments).12


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