Tachibana River

Tachibana River

The Tachibana River, though its modern day location is unknown, is said to have historically been located in the area known as ‘Awaki‘ in Himuka Province. Due to this it would have been located in modern day Miyazaki Prefecture.

This is the river mentioned in both the Kojiki and Nihongi where Izanagi comes to cleanse himself of the filth and defilement after he spent time in Yomi. After throwing down his clothes he bathes in the river giving birth to the several kami.

Entering the river he decides to wash in the middle, finding the upper stream to fast and the lower one too slow. Washing away the impurities of Yomi causes the kami Yasomagatsuhi to be born. Next whilst remedying the evil of Yomi, the kami Kaminaobi and Ōnaobi are born.1

The Kojiki differs slightly, giving Ōmagatsuhi in addition to Yasomagatsubi and Izunome as an additional kami from Izanagi’s remedying the evils of Yomi.2

Sinking to the bottom of the river to clean he creates Sokotsuwatatsumi and Sokotsutsuo, from cleaning in the middle he creates Nakatsuwatatsumi and Nakatsutsuo; finally from floating upon the waters surface to clean he creates Uhatsuwatasumi and Uhatsutsuo.12


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