• Affiliation: Shinto
  • Deity of: Calamity, evil occurrences, curses and defilement.
  • Family: Izanagi (father) Ōmagatsuhi (sibling)


Yasomagatsuhi (Many Mishaps Bringer – 八十禍津日神) is a Shinto Spirit of calamity, evil occurrences, curses and defilement.1 They were the only Spirit born from Izanagi cleansing away the impurities of Yomi according to the Nihongi whilst bathing in the Tachibana River.2

The Kojiki, however, says they were the first of two born in this manner, the second being Ōmagatsuhi. Hymn No.9 is known to mention a ‘Amenomagatsuhi’ (Mishap Bringer) which is warded off by prayer.1


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