Sugawara no Takasue no Musume

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Sugawara no Takasue no Musume
Mon of the Sugawara Clan.

Sugawara no Takasue no Musume

Sugawara no Takasue no Musume (菅原孝標女) was a member of the Sugawara Clan and daughter of Sugawara no Takasue, born in 100812 she died some time after 1067.2

Though we know nothing of her father, we know a little about her life. She was a sixth generational descendant of Sugawara no Michizane and niece of Fujiwara no Michitsuna no Haha (who authored The Gossamer years).1

She grew up in Kazusa Province and at the age of 12 moved to Kyoto and when she was 33 she married Tachibana no Toshimichi.1 She lost her husband in 10592 and two years later wrote the Sarashina Nikki.123

She is also thought to have been the author of Hamamatsu chūnagon monogatari and Yoru no nezame.12


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