Ō no Yasumaro

Ō no Yasumaro
Portrait of Yasumaro by Kikuchi Yōsai.

Ō no Yasumaro

Ō no Yasumaro (?-AD7231) (太 安万侶) (Yasumaro Futo no Ason in the Konin Shiki2
) is known to have been the compiler of the Kojiki from the recitations of Hiyeda no Are2, signing his name with ‘Kabane’, the second highest of Court Ranks.1

His clan name is named after the territory he was from, the wealthiest one; with the Kojiki tracing his lineage back to Jimmu’s middle son.1

Later in his career, he completed the Nihongi, completed in 720AD it was lain before Empress Genshō by Yasumaro and Prince Toneri.2


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