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    • Period: Legendary Period
    • Occupation: Minister
    • Family: –
    • Birth: –
    • Death: –


Natsubana was one of Emperor Keikō’s ministers who went with him to Tsukushi and is said to be the ancestor of the Kimi of Mononobe.

In the 12th Year, Autumn, 7th Month of the Emperor’s reign the Kumaso rebelled giving no tribute and so in the 8th Month the Emperor went to Tsukushi.

Arriving on the 5th day of the 9th Month in Saha he address his ministers and sends Takemorogi, Unade and Natsubana to see what is happening.

A female chief by the name of Kamunashihime is found and she submits herself and her people to the Emperor saying they are not the ones causing problems and so gives information on those who are. There names being Hanatari, Mimitari, Asahagi and Tsuchiworiwiwori all encamped in various places.1


1. Aston. W.G. (1896) “Nihongi Volume 1: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to AD697”. Tuttle Publishing.

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