Kunitokotachi (Ever Standing Land, 国之常立神 (Kojiki), 国常立尊 (Nihongi) was the 6th singular Spirit to come into existence in the Kojiki. Like the other Gods and Goddesses before, the deity concealed itself after coming into existence. Born after Ametokotachi to show the superiority of Heaven.1

In one version of the Nihongi it states this Spirit was the first to come into existence also calling this Deity Kuni-soko-tachi. Another states this spirit was the second to come into existence after Umashiashikabihikoji. Another states he came into existence at the same time as Kuninosatsuchi, followed by the spirits Amenominakanushi, Takamimusuhi and Kamimusuhi.

A fourth states that when the reedshoot formed between Heaven and Earth it took human form becoming Kuni-toko-tachi. A fifth states he was the third being to exist after Ametokotachi and Umashiashikabihikoji, forming from a floating pool of oil.

A fifth gives the ancestry of Izanagi, listing a group of gods descended from Kunitokotachi. None of these deities are mentioned elsewhere, their names being (in generation order). Kunitokotachi, Ame Kagami, Ame Yorodzu, Aha Nagi and then Izanagi.2


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