Himetatara Isuzuhime

Himetatara Isuzuhime

Himetatara Isuzuhime

Himetatara Isuzuhime (媛蹈鞴五十鈴媛) is a Shinto kami said in one version of the Nihongi to have been the daughter of Ōmiwa.

In another version she is stated as the child of Kotoshironushi and Mizokuhi. It is said her father was transformed into a Wani and then married Mizokuhi before they had their daughter.

Himetatara later goes on to marry the first Emperor Jimmu and together they have the second Emperor Suizei.123

Suizei gives the Empress the title of Kodaigō (Great Empress) on the 1st year, Spring, 1st Month, 8th Day of his reign.1


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