Empress Jingu

Empress Jingu
Empress Jingu by, Utagawa Kunisada.

Empress Jingu

Empress Jingu (神功天皇) also known as Jingu Kogo (神功皇后) (c.201-269AD1) was the mother of the fifteenth Emperor Ojin. 

Though holding the title of Empress she is not enrolled on the official list of monarchs.

She is known as a warrior heroin, a successful general and clever diplomat, even going into battle in an advanced state of pregnancy. During her life, she functioned as a Shaman and Priestess and as Ojin’s guardian she may have acted as acting Regent for a time.2

During her reign she carried out conquests against the lands of Silla, with the Shinto Spirits Nakatsutsuo, Uhatsutuso and Sokotsutso watching over this land after her exploits there.3


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