Empress Jingu

Empress Jingu
Empress Jingu by, Utagawa Kunisada.

Empress Jingu

Empress Jingu (神功天皇) also known as Jingu Kogo (神功皇后)1 and Okinagatarashihime (息長帯比売命)23 (c.201-269AD1) was the mother of the fifteenth Emperor Ojin.

She was a part of the Imperial Family before her marriage to Emperor Chuai as she was a daughter of the Imperial Prince Okinaga no sukune. Her mother was Kadzuraki no Takanukahime.23

During her reign she carried out conquests against the lands of Silla, with the Shinto kami Nakatsutsuo, Uhatsutuso and Sokotsutso watching over this land after her exploits there.2


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