Amatsuhikone (Little lad of Heaven) is a son of Amaterasu, he was the third born from the Jewels in Amaterasu’s hair after being chewed and spat out by Susano-o. This is related in the Kojiki and Nihongi.12

There is one alternative version in the Nihongi where this kami is birthed from the jewels of Susano-o, who chews and spits them out himself (perhaps in this context this kami is a son then of Susano-o). There is also another version in which Susano-o creates this kami from his jewels himself by placing them in different parts of his body. For this kami it is by placing the jewels on his left forearm.2

The Revised Geneologies give many Clans as decended from him, including the Royal Representatives from Kawachi and Ubaraki; the Village Elders of the Wetnurses from Nukata; the Chieftains from Tanaka in Yamato; the District Masters from Takechi and the District Heads from Kamō.1 The Nihongi also lists similar clans, his decendants including the Ohoshikafuchi no Atahe (Leaders of Ohoshikafuchi) and Yamashiro no Atahe (Leaders of Yamashiro), Mubaraki no Miyakko and Nukada Be no Muraji.2


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