Wiki Updates #1


Wiki Updates #1
The Nureonna depicted in the Gazu Hyakki Yagyō.

Wiki Updates #1

Hi guys, this is out Wiki Updates #1 and we just reached 500 articles over on our wiki!

So in celebration we have decided to take the dive and start making our Podcast and aim to bring the first one out for you Friday May 17th with new episodes coming out bi-weekly.

In the mean time, we will be taking down our old blog posts and are going to start providing weekly blog posts on what new pages we have on our wiki for those who you who wish to dive in random different parts of Japan history.

So for the time being, here is everything we have created/updated for you since April 20th. And from now on we will provide for you weekly updates.

Hope you are all well and that you find something interesting in these weekly updates to read about.

New Pages


Mountains/Islands etc.



You can listen to the full podcast episodes here: Japan Archives, or wherever you listen to Podcasts.

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We also started a Youtube channel for Japan Archives.

And another for other creative endeavours!

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