• TamanooyaAffiliation: Shinto
  • Deity of:
  • Family: –


Tamanooya (Jewel Ancestor1) is a Shinto Spirit. She is mentioned in the Kojiki during the time when Amaterasu hides in the Sacred Rock Cave. She is tasked with making a string of jewels (magatama) to aide in convincing the Sun Goddess to leave the Rock Cave.1 In some of the writing of the Nihongi it gives this deity the name of Toyomata. Additionally there is one alternative writing of the Nihongi where this spirit does not create the jewels, but instead it is done by Amenoakarudama.2

This Spirit is claimed as the ancestor of the Jewel Makers and as such these descendants were charged with the making of magatama to be used in Royal Rites.

In the Engi Shiki this deity has several shrines attributed to her.1


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