Soga no Iname

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Soga no Iname

Soga no Iname (蘇我 稲目) was one of the rulers of the Soga Clan, the Emperor Kinmei is known to have taken two of his daughters as consorts.

Prior to the reign of Emperor Senka the Emperor, both ruled as well as reigned. However, during his reign he established Iname Soga as his executive first Minister much to the annoyance of the Mononobe Clan and the Nakatomi Clan.

By the time of Emperor Kinmei gift of the Buddha are sent from Korea and Iname recommends trying the new religion. Kimmei instructed Iname to worship Buddhism himself as a trail, but then unfortunately a pestilence affected the people leading to a set back for Buddhism.1


1. Martin, P. (1997) ”The Chrysanthemum Throne”. Gloucestershire: Sutton Publishing Limited.

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Soga no Iname