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Okigashima (隠岐の島, Isles in the Offing/Oki Islands) is a small archipelago off the coast of Honshu.1

According to the kojiki this island is the third of the Great Land of Eightfold Isles to have been born by Izanami and Izanagi, inhabited by the kami Amenooshikorowake.

The main text of the nihongi says it was the fourth island to be born at the same time as Sado Island.2

Land Pulling Myth

In the ‘Land Pulling Myth’ mentioned in the Izumo Fudoki an area called ‘Saki Country of the Northern Gate‘ (兆門佐伎之国) is mentioned and some believe it may refer to Naka Island (中ノ島) in this island chain.3

Yayoi Period

Evidence from the late Yayoi Period shows of an Izumo Alliance which branched east from Izumo Province to the Hokuriku Region and north to encompass the Oki Islands.3


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