Nunasoko Nakatsuhime

Nunasoko Nakatsuhime
Crest of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.

Nunasoko Nakatsuhime

Nunasoko Nakatsuhime (渟名底仲媛命) was the wife of Emperor Annei12 and daughter of Kamo no Ōkimi.23

Together they had several sons, though the amount differs depending on the source. In the Kojiki the three sons are said to have been Tokotsuhikoirone, Emperor Itoku and Shikitsuhiko. This is agreed in an alternate narrative in the Nihongi12 but the main text of the Nihongi lists only two sons, these being Ikishimimi and Emperor Itoku.1

The Nihongi says she was made Empress on the 3rd year, Spring, 1st Month, 5th day of Annei’s reign. She was later given the title of Kodaigo in the 1st year, 9th month, 14th day of Emperor Itoku’s reign.1


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