Minamoto no Yorimutsu

Minamoto no Yorimutsu
Minamoto no Yorimutsu by Kikuchi Yōsai.
  • Birth: –
  • Death: –
  • Period:
  • Occupation: Warrior

Minamoto no Yorimutsu

Minamoto no Yorimutsu (源 頼光) has ties to the creature known as the Shuten-dōji. In this tale he learns that this Yokai has captured several maidens, and so he takes a band of men with him in an attempt to free them from Mount Ōe. Diguised as monks they are made to sit through a feast of human flesh whilst they wait for the drugged sake they brought with them to take affect on the Shuten-doji and his army on Oni.

Once it has done so they decapitate the creature and his army, freeing the maidens and taking them to safety.1


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