Kumaso Rebellions

Kumaso Rebellions
Yamato Takeru defeating the Kumaso Leader.

Kumaso Rebellions

The Kumaso Rebellions relate to the times in which the Kumaso People, who were based in Tsukushi, rebelled against the Imperial Rule of Japan.

Rebellion stopped by Emperor Keiko

In the 12th Year, Autumn, 7th Month of Emperor Keikō’s reign they rebelled giving no tribute and so in the 8th Month the Emperor went to Tsukushi.

Arriving on the 5th day of the 9th Month in Saha he addressed his ministers and sends Takemorogi, Unade and Natsubana to see what is happening.

A female chief by the name of Kamunashihime is found and she submits herself and her people to the Emperor after hanging an eight-span sword, mirror and jewels from a tree saying they are not the ones causing problems and so gives information on those who are.

There names being Hanatari encamped in Kahakami in Usa, Mimitari encamped in Kahakami in Mika, Asahagi encamped in Kahakami in Takaha and Tsuchiworiwiwori encamped in Kahakami in Midorino.

She requests that they be defeated.

Takemorogi manages to entice the followers of Asahagi with gifts. The followers then beckoned the four leaders to come which ends with them being seized and all killed.

The Emperor continues on to Buzen Province building a travelling palace there. In the Winter of the 10th Month he meets another female chieftain called Hayatsuhime in the village of Hayami.

She reveals that there are Tsuchigumo by the names of Awo and Shira living in the ‘Rat’s Cave,’ with another three called Uchizaru, Yata and Kunimaro living in Negino.

These people wouldn’t come under Imperial Rule and so mallets were given to the Imperial Troops made from camellia trees and all those living in the caves were killed.

The Emperor’s troops then attack Uchizaru but they have to retreat after being attacked with fire arrows. They turn their attention to Yata, defeating him on Negi Moor with Uchizaru now approaching the Emperor for leniency as he realises he cannot win against them.

He is refused and so he and all his followers kill themselves by throwing themselves into a ravine.

Arriving later in Hiuga Province the Emperor erects the Takaya Palace and holds a council to discuss the remaining Kumaso leaders who were two men by the names of Atsukaya and Sakaya. These two men leading a group called the 80 Kumaso Braves.

One Minsters reveals that one leader has two daughters, Ichifukaya and Ichikaya and they could be used to gather information.

They come to the Emperor after receiving gifts, the Emperor then taking to bed Ichifukaya. She instructs the Emperor to give him two men.

One of the men kills her father after she cut her fathers bow string so he cannot use it against them. However, the Emperor shocked at her unfilial act has her put to death and gives Ichikaya to the Miyakko of Kii.1

Rebellion stopped by Yamato Takeru

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