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    • Period: Legendary Period
    • Occupation: –
    • Family: Ichifukaya (sister)
    • Birth: –
    • Death: –


Ichikaya was a member of the Kumaso and daughter to either Atsukaya of Sakaya, both of which were leaders of a group called the 80 Kumaso Braves.

Emperor Keikō had come to Tsukushi to deal with the Kumaso rebellion and after arriving in Hiuga Province he holds a council to discuss the remaining Kumaso leaders

One Minsters reveals that one leader has two daughters, Ichifukaya and Ichikaya and they could be used to gather information.

They come to the Emperor after receiving gifts, the Emperor then taking to bed Ichifukaya.1


1. Aston. W.G. (1896) “Nihongi Volume 1: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to AD697”. Tuttle Publishing.

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