Hyakkai Zukan

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Hyakkai Zukan

The Hyakkai Zukan (百怪図巻, Illustrated Creeps), published in 1737, is a collection of picture scrolls depicted various types of Yōkai created by Sawaki Sūshi. These images greatly inspired the Yōkai works of Toriyama Sekien, in fact Volume three of his work the Gazu Hyakki Yagyō consists entirely of Yōkai from the Hyakkai Zukan.1

The images below are, right now, not a complete list of all the Yōkai included on this scroll. We are still attempting to find the rest.

Creatures known to be in the scroll but which we have yet to find a picture of are as follows:



1. Yoda, H. and Alt, M. (2016) “Japandemonium: Illustrated: The Yokai Encyclopaedia of Toriyama Sekien.”. New York: over Publications, Inc.

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Hyakkai Zukan