Fujiwara no Hidehira

Fujiwara no Hidehira

Fujiwara no Hidehira

Fujiwara no Hidehira (藤原 秀衡) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan, more specifically the Ōshū-Fujiwara, living from 1096-1187AD. He was the Lord of Mutsu Province and also was appointed Chinjufu-shōgun.

He took in Minamoto no Yoshitsune when he fled to Mutsu in 1185.

His body was mummified after death and was found under the main alter of Konjiki-dō at Chūson-ji, Hiraizumi. His body was found alongside with father Motohira, grandfather Kiyohira and the head of his son Yasuhira.1


1. Louis Frederic, translated by Kathe Roth (2002) “Japan Encyclopedia”. London: Harvard University Press.

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