Emperor Kenzō

Emperor Kenzō
Artisitic renderring of Emperor Kenzō.

Emperor Kenzō

Emperor Kenzō (顕宗天皇) was the twenty-third Emperor of Japan. After the death of Emperor Seinei, there was a succession crisis due to a lack of suitable heirs for the throne after Emperor Yuryaku had killed all heirs to succeed to the throne.

However, two grandsons of Emperor Richu were found as rural farmers. Though they both spent a year declining the throne, offering it to the other, meaning their sister Oshinumi acted as Regent until one agreed to take the throne.

He only ruled for two years, dying childless. Known during his reign as a kind, compassionate and just ruler due to his poor background as a farmer.

During his reign, he asked the then Crown Prince Ninken to demolish the tomb of Yuryaku due his hatred at killing all of his family.1


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