Emperor Buretsu

Emperor Buretsu
Symbol of the Chrysanthemum Throne.

Emperor Buretsu

Emperor Buretsu (武烈天皇) was the twenty-fifth Emperor of Japan.

During his reign he became well versed in law and enjoyed physical punishment known to have:

Ripped up the belly of a pregnant woman and inspected the pregnant womb… and plucked out men’s nails, and made them dig up yams… he made men climb up trees and then shot them down with a bow, upon which he laughed.

Due to his character being so similar to Emperor Yuryaku some think they are the same person, with the three Emperors between them being fictitious or temporary successful rebels.

The Soga Clan, branching off from the Imperial line, came to political power during his reign possibly by agreeing to a political bargain.1


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