Emperor Ninken

Emperor Ninken
Artists renderring of Emperor Ninken.

Emperor Ninken

Emperor Ninken (仁賢天皇) was the twenty-fourth Emperor of Japan. After the death of Emperor Seinei, there was a succession crisis due to a lack of suitable heirs for the throne as Emperor Yuryaku had killed all heirs to succeed to the throne himself.

However, two grandsons of Emperor Richu were found as rural farmers. Though they both spent a year declining the throne, offering it to the other, meaning their sister Oshinumi acted as Regent until one agreed to take the throne.

Ninken ascended the throne after his brother Emperor Kenzo, however, Kenzo’s widow had never like the man and so committed suicide after he took the throne.

When Ninken was still Crown-Prince he was asked to demolish the tomb of Yuryaku due to his brother’s hatred at killing all of their family. However, Ninken only caused token damage, most likely as he had taken as a wife one of Yuryaku’s daughter who bore him one son and six daughters.

During his reign the country is described as prosperous with the people being content.1


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