Anakashikone (阿夜訶志古泥神, Awesome Indeed) was the sister and wife of Omodaru. She with her brother were the 6th Generation of Shinto kami. Her name refers to the magical powers possessed by a woman’s genitalia.1

The Nihongi agrees she was the 6th Generation of kami to come into existence, however it gives several different readings to her name; these being Kashiko-ne, Aya-kashiki-ne, Imi Kashiki, Awo-kashiki-ne, and Aya-kashiki. One version of the Nihongi states that Aya-kashiki-ne is the mother of Izanami and Izanagi. Another version of the Nihongi states she was part of the 3rd Generation of kami in a line of only 4 Generations.2


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