Yasumi Roan

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  • Period: Edo Period
  • Occupation: Writer / Traveler
  • Family: ?
  • Birth: ?
  • Death: ?

Yasumi Roan

Yasumi Roan (八隅 蘆菴) was an experienced traveler within Japan. He most notable achievement was the book he wrote about his travels entitled the Ryokō yōjinshū which was published in 1810. His work includes detailed tips for the places he visits, as well as numerous poems on a myriad of different subjects. Within his works, he even included printed talismans to protect those who may encounter danger whilst out on the road.1

External Links

You can find a free copy of his book HERE. (The book is a scanned copy of an original and is in Japanese).


1. Wilson, W. S. (2016) “Afoot in Japan: A Nineteenth Century Guide to Walking the Back Roads” Shambhala Publications Inc.

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Yasumi Roan