The Eight Thunder Kami

Eight Thunder Kami

    • Affiliation: Shinto
    • Kami of: Thunder
    • Family: None

The Eight Thunder Kami

The Eight Thunder Kami are the Thunder kami in Shinto Mythology which dwell in the land of Yomi.

In the kojiki they are seen crawling on the body of Izanami when her husband looks upon her dead body in Yomi. Each kami is seen on a different part of her body (see below). Later in the text of the kojiki; Izanami enraged that her husband Izanagi looked upon her dead body and fled from her, sends the Thunder kami and an army of 1500 after him.1

The nihongi is very silmilar in its story saying they were upon the body of Izanami, though some in different place.2

However, Izanagi eventually scares them away by striking an imposing stance in the kojiki1 and by throwing down peaches in the nihongi.2

The Eight kami and where they are found of Izanami’s body are as follows:

Ōikazuchi大雷 - Grown ThunderHeadHead
Honoikazuchi火雷 - Blazing ThunderBreastsBreastsThe Engi Rites say this kami has shrines in Yamato, Izumi, and Yamashiro.
Kuroikazuchi黒雷 - Darkening ThunderStomachBottom
Sakuikazuchi折雷 - Splitting ThunderPrivatesPrivates
Wakaikazuchi若雷 - Young ThunderLeft HandBack
Tsuchiikazuchi土雷 - Earthen ThunderRight HandStomach
Nariikazuchi鳴雷 - Booming ThunderLeft FootHands
Fusuikazuchi伏雷 - Bowing ThunderRight FootFeet


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