The symbol of Shinto. Attributed to all Shinto deities including Takamimusuhi.


Takamimusuhi (高御産巣日神, Lofty Growth) was the second of the first three beings to come into existence when heaven and earth formed. He along with the other two deities (Amenominakanushi and Kamimusuhi), remained apart and concealed themselves from everything. The Engi Rites include him as one of the 8 tutelary deities of the Royal Clan, invoked at winter solstice rites and harvest festival, in Heian times this deity became associated with marriage. This is all related in the Kojiki.1

One version of the Nihongi states the spirit came into existence after Kuninosatsuchi and Kunitokotachi appeared together, after Amenominakanushi and was followed by the spirit Kamimusuhi.2

We see this deity mentioned much later in the Nihongi as the father of SukunabikonaŌkuninushi was pacifying the land when he came across a dwarf who came from the sea. Taking him into the palm of his hand the drawf jumps up to bite his cheek. After going up to Heaven to ask about this Takamimusuhi states that the dwarf was his wicked child who would not follow instructions. It also states Takamimusuhi had fathered 1500 children.2


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