Mount Sanbe

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Mount Sanbe
Mount Sanbe.

Mount Sanbe

Mount Sanbe (三羝山) resides in Shimane Prefecture, and once stood in Izumo Province. The mountain rises to a height of 1126 meters above sea level.

During the time the Izumo Fudoki was compiled this Mountain was called Mount Sahime (佐比黄山). The mountain has connection to the ‘Land Pulling Myth,’ mentioned in the Izumo Fudoki. After the kami Yatsukamizu Omitsuno drags land from the country of Silla, he ties it to Izumo Province with a rope, which is fastened to Mount Sahime.1


1. Carlqvist, A. (2010) “The Land Pulling Myth and Some Aspects of Historical Reality”. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. 37, No.2, pp.185-222.

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