Jōgū Shōtoku Hōōtei setsu

Jōgū Shōtoku Hōōtei setsu

Jōgū Shōtoku Hōōtei setsu

Jōgū Shōtoku Hōōtei setsu (上宮聖徳法王帝説 – Traditions concerning His Holiness, Prince Shōtoku) is a one volume piece of literature of unknown authorship concerning Shōtoku Taisha.


The original document is said to have been housed in the temple of Hōryū-ji in Nara, however, the only remaining copy now comes from the temple of Chion’in in Kyoto. This piece is thought to have been copied from from the original in the Heian Period.


The document supplements information from the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki.1

Additionally the text includes a three poem threnody on the death of Shōtoku Taisha.2


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