Crest of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.


Inishikinoiribiko (五十瓊敷入彦命) was the son of Emperor Suinin and Hibasuhime.

During his lifetime he is said to have lived in the Kahakami Palace in Totori and constructed the Pools of Chinu, Sayama and Takatsu at Kusaka.

He had one thousand swords made which he gave to the Isonokami Shrine and also established the Kahakamibe.12

In the 30th year of his fathers reign he and his brother Ōtarashihiko were commanded to state what it is that they want. Inishikinoiribiko says all he wants is a bow and arrow, Ōhotarashihiko saying he wanted the throne.

Due to this the asked for gifts were given and Ōtarashihiko was made heir officially in his 37th year of his ruling.3


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