Haji no Mimichi Poems

We are creating these pages to serves as a list of poems by Haji no Mimichi as we carry out more research, as well as the numerous translations these poems have in English.

We will group them into the literature they comes from.

Should we not known where they come from yet, you will find them under the sub-heading ‘Unsure Location.’

Unsure Location

Japanese textRomanized Japanese
English translation
Ume no hana
Morohito no
Asobu o mireba
Miyako shizo mō
Decorated with sprays of plum blossoms
They all amuse themselves.
When I see them,
I long for the capital.


1. Borgen, R. (1975) “The Origins of the Sugawara. A History of the Haji Family”. Monumenta Nipponica. Vol.30 No.4 pp.405-422

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Haji no Mimichi Poems