Fujiwara no Sadakata

Fujiwara no Sadakata
Fujiwara no Sadakata in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu.

Fujiwara no Sadakata

Fujiwara no Sadakata (藤原 定方) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan living from 873-932AD. His family consisted of his sons Fujiwara no Asatada1 and Fujiwara no Tomoyori3, as well as him being the cousin and father-in-law to Fujiwara no Kanesuke.1 He was the son of Fujiwara no Takafuji and therefore was a member of the Kajūji Family.3

During his life he was a known poet and was appointed as Udajin of the Third Ward.

Within literature we see him featured in several stories in the Tales of Yamato, and 19 of his poems can be found in the Imperial Anthologies, one of which is in the Kokinshū. He also had a private collection of poems.

One poem of his can be found in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (No.25) and goes as follows:1

Japanese text2
Romanized Japanese1
English translation1
Na ni shi owaha
Ōsakayama no
hito ni shirarede
kuru yoshi mogana.
If the 'sleep-together vine'
that grows on Meeting Hill
is true to its name,
I will entwine you in my arms,
unknown to anyone.

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