Fujiwara no Kiyokawa

Fujiwara no Kiyokawa
Fujiwara no Kiyokawa.

Fujiwara no Kiyokawa

Fujiwara no Kiyokawa (藤原 清河) was a member of the Fujiwara Clan, more specifically the Hokke Branch of this clan.

Living from around 706 to 779 he was the son of Fujiwara no Fusasaki. He was sent in 750 as an envoy to China and would arrive in 752.12 There he would go to Chang’an, capital of the Tang Dynasty2 and was recieved by Emperor Xuanzong.1

He would later make two attempts to return to Japan, the first failing due to a shipwreck on the Annam coast1 and the second halted due to the An Lushan Rebellion.12

Kiyokawa unable to return remains in China, taking on a Chinese name, as does his friend Abe no Nakamaro, and is given positions in the Chinese Imperial Court.12


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