Fujiwara no Fusasaki

Fujiwara no Fusasaki

Fujiwara no Fusasaki

Fujiwara no Fusasaki (藤原 房前) was the founder of the Hokke Branch of the Fujiwara Clan, living from 681-737. He was the son of Fujiwara no Fubito, having several brothers and sisters. These being, Fujiwara no Miyako, Fujiwara no Asukabehime, Fujiwara no Muchimaro, Fujiwara no Umakai and Fujiwara no Maro.1

He also had several sons, these being Fujiwara no Nagate, Fujiwara no Kiyokawa1 and Fujiwara no Matate.2

In 737 he died during a Small Pox Epidemic.1


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