Yamato Hime

  • Period: Legendery Period
  • Occupation: Priestess of Ise Grand Shrine
  • Family: Yamato Takeru (nephew)

Yamato Hime

Yamato Hime (倭比売命 or 倭姫命) was the aunt of Yamato Takeru, and acted as High Priestess of the Ise Grand Shrine.

She gives her nephew her clothes to disguise himself when he is sent to subjugate the Kumaso. One a later campaign she gives her nephew the sword Kusanagi and a bag of flint to start a fire in an emergency.1


1. Littleton. C.S. (1995) “Yamato-takeru: An Arthurian Hero in Japanese Tradition”. Asian Folklore Studies, Vol. 54, No.2, pp.259-274.

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Yamato Hime