Takehiratori (Brave Hinterland Bird1) (建比良鳥) is a Shinto deity mentioned in both the Kojiki and Nihongi.12 The deity also goes by the names of Amanohinatori and Takehinateri.2

He is said to be the son of Amenohohi  and became the ancestor for the royal representatives of Izumo, Masashi, Unakami, Ishimi and Tōtōmi. He was also ancestor to the chieftains of Tsushima Province.

The Engi Shiki lists a shrine to him in Izumo Province and Hymn 27 states that his father sends him down to Japan to subdue the land.

During the reign of Emperor Sujin it is said this deity provides treasure at the shrine in Izumo.1



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