Ama no Hayekiri

Ama no HayekiriAma no Hayekiri / Orochi no Karasabi / Orochi no Aramasa

Ama no Hayekiri, Orochi no Karasabi and Orochi no Aramasa are the names of swords used by Susano-o to kill the Dragon Yamata no Orochi. The name changes as within the Nihongi there are several alternative versions of the same tale.

No additionaly details are given for the the sword Ama no Hayekiri, however details are given for the other two.

It is said Orochi no Aramasa eventually came to dwell in Isonomaki, Bizen Province.

Orochi no Karasabi was eventually given into the care of the Kambe of Kibi Province.1


1. Aston. W.G. (1896) “Nihongi Volume 1: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to AD697”. Tuttle Publishing.

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