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The Taiheiki (太平記, Chronicle of Great Peace) is a 14th Century chronicle.

Within it contains several mentionings to certian Yōkai.

One is that of Raigō, a monk, who dies from hunger strike. This is the result of the Emperor Shirakawa reneging on a promise he had made, causing him to be reborn after his death as the Yokai Tesso where he then plauges the temple libraries of Kyoto.

Another creature mentioned is the Itsumade, a creature with the head of a man and body of a snake. It is eventually killed by Hiroari with an arrow.1


1. Yoda, H. and Alt, M. (2016) “Japandemonium: Illustrated: The Yokai Encyclopaedia of Toriyama Sekien.”. New York: Dover Publications, Inc.

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