Abe no Seimei

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  • Period: Heian Period
  • Occupation: Astrologer
  • Family: –
  • Birth: 921AD
  • Death:1005AD

Abe no Seimei

Abe no Seimei (安倍 晴明) was a member of the Abe Clan living from 921-1005AD. He was an astrologer and was in the court of Emperor Ichijō.

He was a part of the onmyōdō and became famous in his life for his accurate predictions.

One such prediction, mentioned in the Ōkagami and the Konjaku Monogatari-shu, states that he predicted through celestial phenomenon the abdication of Emperor Kazan.1


1. Louis Frederic, translated by Kathe Roth (2002) “Japan Encyclopedia”. London: Harvard University Press.

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